So... what are all these Fibonacci triangles??

many of you will notice the word "fibonacci" in the title of my newest pieces, and well, i thought i might explain.  recent works originate in inspiration from sacred geometry, patterns, movement and meaning.  using the fibonacci sequence, i began measuring many of my shapes to the divine ratio.   there are many theories on this ratio, and mine is simply to understand it as the beauty and organization within the chaos.

once the concept of this new line of work emerged, i found myself creating in a variety of new, unintended directions--often combining these fibonacci triangles with "unsacred" shapes,  juxtaposing directions within elements, or finding unique contrasts wherever i could.   shortly into this new chapter, my mind awoken to buried knowledge from my previous years of schooling in esoteric traditions, world religions, and western adaptations.  i look forward to seeing where this new inspiration and remembrance takes me.